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What you can do with the Kidspod; program.

See programs from other users!

On the top page, programs that users have posted are displayed.
Click a thumbnail or title to see details.

Click "PLAY!" when you have played with a program. Click "GOOD!" when you like a program.
You can find programs of which you have clicked "PLAY!" and "GOOD!" in "MyList".

  • PLAY! for programs you played
    GOOD! for programs you like

  • Your own list of programs

If you like the author (programmer) of the program, click the "Follow" button to follow this author.

  • Follow the programmer

  • New program of the programmer you have followed

show programs

Let's post your program!

By clicking "Post a Program", program post page will open.
There are 3 ways to post a program.

Register shots of a screen showing program list or that program is working.
Enter an address of your program so that we can see it.
Write a program directly with keyboard.

Let's communicate with Kidspod; using MixJuice!

MixJuice is a network board for kids for network communications using IchigoJam or IchigoLatte.
Using MixJuice lets you quickly and easily posts programs
you have written using IchigoJam or IchigoLatte. » For how to post a program from MixJuice, see here.

Post the source code written with IchigoLatte using MixJuice,
and you can use LattePlayer to play with the posted program. » For how to use LattePlayer, see here.

Title/Description:You can enter the title and description of the program to post.
Tag:You can add tags related to the posted program. *Multiple tags can be added.
Show/Hide:You can decide whether or not to show others a program to post.
Once you have finished entering the information, press the "Post" button to complete the posting process. *You can edit the posting details later.

post a program

Let's create a new app!

You can press the "My App" button to move to the "My App" page that allows you to write a program on your browser.
In the "My App," you can use the programming language, JavaScript, to create a game app that runs in a browser.
You can publish an app you create for others to play with it.
In addition, by applying for app registration, you can sell your program as an iPhone app or android app.

create new app