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Run a program written with IchigoLatte using LattePlayer!

LattePlayer provides a mechanism for a program written with the little mature OS for kids, IchigoLatte, in a browser.

How to use LattePlayer

To use LattePlayer, use MixJuice to post a source code written with IchigoLatte.
Or use LattePlayerCode only page.

1.Post from LattePlayerCodeEditing page

1-1Perform "Post a program" from your PC browser
To post a program using LattePlayerCodeEditing page, first perform "Post a program" from your PC browser.
Leave the "Post a source code" blank.
Enter information as you like for items other than the source code item. You can leave this item blank because it can be edited later.

Once you have finished entering the information, press the "Confirm posting details" button to post the program.

1-2Move to LattePlayerCodeEditing page
Then, move to the LattePlayerCode only page. Move to the screen of the program you have just posted, and from there move to the "Program editing screen."

The program editing page shows the URLs.
The URL below is the URL of the LattePlayerCodeEditing page. Please select this and copy it.

1-3Post from LattePlayerCodeEditing page
Please paste the URL in the address bar of the browser and move to the LattePlayerCodeEditing page. On the LattePlayerCodeEditing page, there is a source code input field.
After inputting the source code please push "post with this content" button.
If the post is successful, a link to the program will be displayed.

Let's show program page.
A link to LattePlayer is displayed at the top of the screen. With this, you can now play the source code you posted with LattePlayer.

Clicking this link opens a new tab, where you can play the program written with IchigoLatte.

2.Want to post to Kidspod; from MixJuice

For details on how to post a program from MixJuice, see the following.
When you post a source code written with IchigoLatte from MixJuice, a link to LattePlayer appears.

Let's communicate with Kidspod; using MixJuice!

How to play on smartphones

Touching the screen (and clicking with the mouse) with LattePlayer corresponds to the button of the IchigoLatte main unit.
By touching the screen, you can change the return value of the btn function or execute the function registered with the setBprs function.
Please make use of the btn function and setBprs function when creating a program that you can also play on smartphones.

Notes on LattePlayer

The current LattePlayer corresponds to IchigoLatte ver1.1.3

Some functions provided for IchigoLatte do not run with LattePlayer.
For example, the uart function for serial communication using IchigoLatte does not run with LattePlayer.
(Executing the uart function causes nothing to happen.)
The following shows the functions unavailable with LattePlayer.
Note that the programs using these functions do not correctly run with LattePlayer.
  • led
  • gpin
  • out
  • ana
  • pwm
  • pwmt
  • uart
  • i2cw
  • i2cr
  • lrun
  • bps
  • mem
  • beep

For programs you can play with LattePlayer, see here.